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ChuckWagon SS16

ChuckWagon is the Pro Grilling Solution

The Chuckwagon Mobile Grill is the professional solution to grilling anywhere! Perfect for feeding the crew on the job site, camping trips, company events, and of course the American national pastime, tailgating!
ChuckWagon Grilling System is customized to fit in your truck bed, and designed to be easy to set up and tear down. It’s streamlined tailgating allows for less time setting up and more time enjoying yourself. The Chuckwagon turns what used to be a 30 minute job into less than 5!
You can get set up in just 2-minutes with the push of a button. At the end of the night you have an easy clean up where all you have to do is stow it away and drive off until next time.

Every ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling System includes a 5-burner, 38-inch Summerset grill in addition to all of these features:
Quickly installs into popular Full Sized Short Box truck beds
Automatic setup, Within 2 Minutes ready to grill
Fits Premium 38” Five-Burner Summerset™ Grill
Fold Out Side Trays and Grill Guard Face Cover with utensil hangers
Recessed Pockets for up to 4 Party Stacker Coleman Coolers, two per side
Storage for Two 20 lb. LP Propane Bottles
Large Covered Storage Compartment, lid doubles as heat radiation protection
A tailgater battery pack to provide power for the system
Legs to remove the Unit from the bed of your truck
Storage dolly to vertically store the Chuckwagon when finished with use
Rubber ends to tightly seal to the bed rails of your truck
A bracket to fit up to a 39 inch TV for SS16 models
Customizable to how you want it!
Custom colors
Custom Wraps
Space for Sound and lights!

How does the ChuckWagon Grilling System work?

A ChuckWagon Grilling System is easy to transport and when you get to the event, you can setup in just a few minutes.  Worried about storage? Don't worry, it's easy to store the ChuckWagon during your off season.  The ChuckWagon is designed to easily pull out of your truckbed and fold-up nicely for storage.

Watch the video to see it in action:

How Does it Cook?

The ChuckWagon uses some of the best propane systems in the industry. Get rid of the tiny charcoal grill that’s a pain to set up and always a mess to clean. Say hello to a powerful grill with an even burn to feed all your friends with perfect burgers, brats, dogs and more. The best part is that it takes minutes to set up. When the party’s over you just have to slide the grill back in place and head home. It’s tailgating made that easy.

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