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Does the heat effect the way the TV works?

Not at all. On our Demo models we have more than 3000 grilling hours and almost reaching 100,000 miles and we have used the same Televisions in them the entire time. With the occasional wipe down to keep the screen cleaned of any dust or grease that may have gotten onto it.

Is that the biggest TV I can fit in there?

For now, with the SS16 model the largest TV that can fit under the hood is a 39 inch. It fits a 32 or a 36 inch the best. As for mounting the TV out front the largest we have fit is a 50 inch. Not entirely recommended on days where it is windy.

Can I purchase a Chuckwagon and put a different grill in it?

Yes, we can give you just the body of the Chuckwagon without adding a grill. If you choose to put your own grill in it, we cannot guarantee that the grill will fit.

Does it fit all brands of truck?

Yes, the Chuckwagon fits all major brands of truck. The mounting bracket does not require any modification to the truck it simply locks into the standard eye bolts at the front of the bed of every truck. It fits a standard bed box the best. With a larger size bed, the mounting bracket either needs to be flipped around or we have a short extension that can be purchased to cover the gap. 

Is the satellite part of the deal?

The Satellite package is an added feature to the Chuckwagon. Dish network and Direct Tv work the best.

How heavy is the Chuckwagon?

Fully loaded with coolers, full propane tanks, mounting bracket in place, wheels stored away and a satellite dish on top, the Chuckwagon is about 400 pounds in the bed of your truck. Everything on the Chuckwagon is automatic so there is no lifting involved.

How long does it take to remove the Chuckwagon from the truck?

The video on the main webpage shows how the Chuckwagon comes out of the truck. If you are alone and know what you are doing it can take 5-10 minutes to remove. No lifting required!

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Have Questions? Give us a call!
Have Questions? Give us a call!